Adding the Tacoma Council 809 calendar to my calendar


Each year we provide a new calendar around 1-June to our members that needs to be resubscribed and it is up to each member to manage their own google calendar notifications through their google login:

  1. The first step is to to login in to your google calendar account at .
  2. Next unsubscribe from the kofc809 calendar for the previous year
  3. The next is to add a friends calendar to ones own google calendar by doing the following:
    • Goto  .
    • In the lower right corner click on the +GoogleCalendar button.
    • Accept the invitation to add the calendar to ones own calendar.
    • Also review the following 'Add a friends calendar' instructions:
  4. Next, add notifications to the calendar which you just added.
    • Click on 'Calendar setting'
    • Click on 'Edit notifications'
    • Click on 'Add a notification'
      • Notifcations and reminders tutorials on youtube


Sync Google Calendar with a i Phone or tablet


Sync Google Calendar with Android


Google Calendar Event Responses

Then as calendar owner, in the 'kept-up-to-date' section I can click the check box for:

    Event responses:Receive an update when guests respond to an event for which you can see the guest list.


Plus the calendar owner can specifically invite guests to the event.

For example: